Saturday, November 23, 2019

Recommended Serving Pastries 4 Special Eid

Eid al-Fitr is a special moment to be celebrated at home with loved ones. Pastries into the required presentation on the living room table every home. Cake that has a crisp texture and a savory snack is sure to be a favorite, is not it? You can give Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies as pastries selection moment Lebaran or family gathering.

As a typical reference Eid pastry dish, you can choose some pastries that are easily found on the market below.

1. Kastengel Cake

Cake Kastengel or a cheese pastry snack on during Eid or Christmas. A sprinkling of grated Edam cheese or cedar make a cake Kastengel so crazy a lot of people. Texture flavor crisp pastry, savory and salty a tongue reluctant to stop shaking. For those of you who do not particularly like the texture of the cake has a sweet taste only, shall have a cake in a Kastengel Eid.

2. Peanut cake 

One serving traditional cake that remains from antiquity to the present is bean cake. Cake made of flour and roasted peanuts was tempting. A sprinkling of sesame make peanut cake is always sold from time to time.

3. Snow White cake

Who likes the texture of the snow princess cake sprinkled with powdered sugar sweet subtle? Cake snow princess became favorites of children during the holidays either Eid or Christmas. How to make a princess cake snow is not too difficult because you only need simple ingredients such as flour, butter, cashews, refined sugar, powdered sugar, and vanilla.

For you who do not like complicated process materials, can choose Traditional Danisa Butter Cookies with a sense no less special. Texture Danisa crispy cake flavors, melted and sticky will make you enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

4. Nastar Cake

Nastar cake remains to be excellent in welcoming religious holiday or friends to enjoy afternoon tea. Nastar cake has a delicate flavor texture on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Perfect roasting process makes the usual cake jam filled chocolate, strawberries, blueberry or pineapple always sold on the market ahead of the feast. Additional sprinkling of grated cheese are increasingly making nastar favored by many circles, especially the children.

Talking about Eid cakes will certainly not be never-ending. There are many variants of cookies are always filling the jars Lebaran such as pastrieschocolate, cake syringe, cat's tongue cookie, and others. You can get the look perfect on the cake with the flavors of Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies. No need to process ingredients in the kitchen, Danisa can direct you get in supermarkets to be a special Eid dish.

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